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Biochemical Sciences Division : Overview

The Biochemical Sciences division includes three areas of research. The activities of the Microbial Technology group include use of microbial diversity including fungi, endophytes, extremophiles and unculturables to understand the basic microbial physiology and molecular processes leading to a variety of applications in human healthcare, agriculture and industry. The major focus of Plant biochemistry and biotechnology group is on understanding the stress tolerance mechanisms and metabolic pathways in plants, bioprospecting of biodiversity and developing genetic tools using Omics approaches for applications in agriculture, health and energy. Human disorders and diseases group focuses on biochemical and molecular understanding of important and specific problems associated with human health using various approaches. Nanobiotechnology group is involved in microbial and plant based biosynthesis of nanomaterials for their application in human healthcare. The research is supported by structural biology, mass spectrometry and molecular biology related facilities.


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Dr. Mahesh J Kulkarni

CSIR- National Chemical Laboratory,
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road ,

Pune 411 008 India
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