Analytical Facilities

X-ray Techniques

 Technique  Analytical Charges in Rs.
 Powder X-ray diffraction (regular scan)  2000/- per sample
 Powder X-ray diffraction (regular scan) high end machine (30 min scan) (Model No)  15 min: 3000/- sample 30 min: 5000/-sample
 Powder X-ray diffraction (regular scan) -2D scan  5000/- per sample
 Powder X-ray diffraction -slow scan  6000/- per hr.
 Powder X-ray diffraction (0.5 to 10 deg)  2500/- per sample
 Powder X-ray diffraction (0.5 to 10 deg) -slow scan  8000/- per hr.
 Powder XRD -HT  8000/- per hr.
 Powder XRD -LT  10000/- per hr.
 Crystal structure interpretation and report  5000/sample
 VT-PXRD using Single Crystal XRD instrument  3000/temp
 VT-SCXRD (90 K - 500K)  5000/hour/temp
 Single Crystals development by crystallization  5000-10,000/sample depending on the number of crystallization trials
 Single Crystal XRD  25000/- for 4 hrs + 5000/- for additional hrs

 Single Crystal XRD

 (Phase identification by unit cell measurement)

 Rs. 5000/- per sample
 Single Crystal XRD (without structure determination/analysis)  Rs. 15000/- per sample
 SAXS  15000/- for 2hrs + 5000/- per additional hr.
 3D X-ray Micro-computed Tomography (micro-CT)  Rs 20,000 per sample for imaging + additional Rs 5000 per sample for analysis