Project Training/ Internship

We offer Summer/Project Internship programs in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering/Biochemical Sciences/Physics/ Polymer and Advanced Materials/Management and other allied research areas of interest to CSIR-NCL. Students who wish to pursue their academic projects for 2-12 months as part of their academic curriculum can apply for this program.

Interested students are requested to visit NCL website ( for more details on the current research activities of the laboratory. Students must possess a good academic record as well as interest and aptitude to pursue research.

For Students seeking internship

  1. Selection criteria : Students who are already registered with a particular college / university can apply for internship at CSIR-NCL.
  2. Students are requested to identify a specific scientist/guide with whom they would like to carry out the internship training program.
    For scientist / guide profile , kindly go through these links:

  3. The students should go through the scientist profile and email the request to the scientist for the internship topic. (the student must select the scientist / guide based on his / her own topic or area of internship project).


Kindly note that there are no fees or charges for such training/project work and it does not offer stipend or fellowship to short-term trainees. Selected students will have to make their own arrangements for travel to and fro as well as for boarding and lodging during the duration of the project/training. Before joining and after selection, students can inform their guides if they need campus accommodation (will be considered in sharing depending on the number of students) on a first-come, first basis. Note that there is no guarantee of any accommodation or meal facility, and as stated, students should be prepared to make their arrangements for travel/boarding/lodging, etc.

Documents needed at the time of joining CSIR-NCL

  1. Original letter from students institute/university/college
  2. IP (Intellectual Property) form from NCL guide/project leader.
  3. Covering letter from NCL guide/project leader.

Duration of Training Program

  1. Minimum duration of the training program is 2 (Two) months.
  2. Maximum duration of the training program is 12 (Twelve) months.
  3. Summer and short-term training program from 2 to 3 months.
  4. Duration depends upon project work requirements and guide/mentor recommendation.