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13India’s first hydrogen fuel ce...

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28India’s First Hydrogen Fuel Ce...


04 AcSIR invites Applications for Admission to P...

22 NOTICE for Compassionate Appointment-reg.

05 Millets Recipes -A Healthy choice

Featured R&D

Hydrogen from Silicon Waste and Water

Novel Hybrid technology for Water Disinfection

Selective Detection of nitroaromatic explosives

Thermostable Biosurfactants

Combating Malaria

Overcome Alzheimer’s disease

Insulin: No more injections

Dimethyl Ether synthesis

Early diagnosis of Prediabetes

Origin of Life on Earth

Disposal of Biomedical Waste

Efficient delivery of Pesticide

Development of new antimalarial drugs

Economical separation of Whey Protein

Anti-TB cocrystal 4-FDC drug

Featured R&D